What’s it all about anyway?

How We Listen, What We Listen To and Why?

Now that the Christmas and New Year paraphernalia are tucked away nicely in our Ikea tubs for another year, thoughts are beginning to trickle towards the next big project we have which is finally getting on with writing our next album. But before we start writing we like to immerse ourselves in as much music... Continue Reading →


I’m renaming January Jan-no-money!

So it happened again. Every year I start to plan for Christmas and the holidays as soon as I'm back from my summer travels but every year I end up spending way over my budget in the last few weeks. No matter how much I buy and no matter how many cupboards are stuffed with... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Now as Scottish Nationals (well three of us) we know how to do New Year right. In fact we're known for our New Year (or Hogmanay as we call it) party skills, worldwide! As I'm from the capital where we host a massive week long New Year party I feel pretty qualified to announce that... Continue Reading →

Highlights From 2018

It's that time when (in between the present wrapping and egg nog swigging) we get all nostalgic about the past whilst also listing the proactive ways in which we will be better versions of our selves in the coming year! I mean..it can't hurt! A little look back over the year helps us prepare for... Continue Reading →

Biggest News EVER!

Well guys we announced last week that we had a changing in the ranks with the departure of Pat and the arrival of our newest bassist Jean-Louis. That was huge news for us, but lo and behold we have more epic news to impart! Our Boxtones newlyweds Will and Gill have only gone and announced... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Concerts…So Far!

Since I begged my mum with full-on tears and snot at around 12 years old to go to my very first concert I have known that seeing my favourite bands perform live was an experience like no other. It's an incredible thing and even my 12 year old self knew it. Of course the uniform... Continue Reading →

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