What’s it all about anyway?

Geekery Gone Wild!

And just like that it was all over for another year. WOW! What a weekend we have had! Middle East Film and Comic Con we live for your bounty and now we must wait 12 months to engage in the fun and madness you bring again. But first, let's just linger a little longer on... Continue Reading →


Fans on Overdrive!

This week we are taking a look back on all the times our fans have gone over and above and pushed their supportive efforts in to mega drive. Quite simply where would we be without them? I have to say you’re a creative bunch and there has been a fair amount of Boxtones merchandise customizing... Continue Reading →

Our Top Ten Music Documentaries

The end of the month is always signaled by our ‘Top Ten’ blogs and this month we wanted to discuss our Top Ten favourite Music Documentaries. There are sooo many good ones but here is the lowdown on our top picks as provided from the rest of The Boxtones and of course me! Let’s start... Continue Reading →

Country Counting and Culture Collecting!

Oooh this is another exciting topic for me. Since I was 17, I have been obsessed with being a real life gypsy and travelling the globe experiencing all it has to offer whether it be in vistas, history, food, people, architecture, culture and customs, ideology and religion. But perhaps the most rewarding thing about absorbing... Continue Reading →

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