What’s it all about anyway?

Happy Birthday To Us!

With Gill’s birthday recently in the bag at the end of August and Jean and I about to celebrate ours mid-September I thought we would address the theme of birthdays. I love birthdays and not even just my own. I think it must stem from childhood and all the fun birthdays you get to attend as... Continue Reading →


Our Top Ten Song Requests

Quite often we are likened to a jukebox. People rock up to our shows and shout song names at us. They may be great songs, they may be awful songs, they may even be songs that should never have been songs or songs we have never even heard of. They could be in Chinese or... Continue Reading →

What’s New?

I don’t know about you guys but I am someone who gets very bored of the status quo. It gives me anxiety to think that I will be missing out on new experiences or new ways to address my life. I need change and projects to keep me energised and excited about my day ahead.... Continue Reading →

How to Beat the Heat in Dubai

Yes, yes, we live in the desert and the heat is to be expected. It is well documented that a desert is not the place to be if you hate the heat…hear that boys! Now we’ve all seen those movies where people traipse the sand dunes looking for that tiny slurp of anything moist to... Continue Reading →

The Cat-tones!

Now originally this blog was to be based on the Boxtones animals but seriously after about 30 seconds I realised that that idea was completely pointless. Aside from a 3-year stint as a Guinea Pig owner (which ended in tears as my daughter ended up with an angry and heartbreaking allergy to him we couldn’t... Continue Reading →

Top Eight Places to Fill Your Tummy!

Now if the entire human species have one thing in common in the world, I’d predict it’s a love of good grub. That said, one person’s idea of something delicious is another’s idea of sheer disgust. For example, who loves gobbling down a fried cockroach ‘a la Thai street food stands’ hmmn? Now this is... Continue Reading →

Hoard-y Little Weirdos!

It doesn’t matter who you are I can guarantee there is something you hoard, be it old dance trophies, earrings, socks or toiletries everyone has a hidden hoarding crutch. This week I decided to unearth those dirty little secrets from my fellow band mates just for the fun of it. I’m pretty sure what you... Continue Reading →

Three to Replace One

As the ‘arrival of’ and ‘getting to know’ the Boxtones Baby has been so prominent of late, we thought we would discuss the other side of the coin (you know...the work side) and shine some light on the talent that has helped us get through Gill’s maternity leave. We knew it wouldn’t be easy to... Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of The Boxtones

As ‘The Boxtones’ we like to pride ourselves on our longevity of band members. We are not a bunch of freelancers who club together for a job one at a time or change members every contract. We are a group of friends and family members who are all following the same vision and know each... Continue Reading →

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